Hours Tracking

All Volunteers,

We have been tasked to assist FISD with the tracking of volunteer hours on all campuses via the App-Garden Volunteer Tracker system. The hours that are spent volunteering in our schools is an example of the commitment to the quality education in our school district.

Checking in and out of the system allows the district to accurately track volunteer hours for program evaluation and recognition. As well as, identify the value of all campus organizations and where volunteers engage in our schools, staff, and students–PTA, Booster Clubs, Room Parent, Chaperoning, etc.

All Volunteers (not Visitors) entering a school building and requesting to go beyond the front office should begin utilizing both Hall Pass and Volunteer Tracker. **Please note, this is only for VOLUNTEERS. This is not for VISITORS who are attending school programs, musicals, holiday parties, etc. Those visitors will sign into Hall Pass to receive the visitor’s badge.**

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or require additional information! BPTA.Volunteers@gmail.com


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